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Lolita 61x81 / 70x93



Poster originally created for Spoke Art's Stanley Kubrick art show, San Francisco, September 2014.

4 colour screen print with the optional selective UV varnish.

Test prints printed on various papers including Olin Rough, Smooth and Regular, Stardream Pink Quartz, Curious Metallics White Gold and more. As it would be impossible to describe and photograph all the paper variations, the paper for each order and the varnish/non-varnish variant will be chosen randomly.

1) Size: 70 x 93,3 cm (27,5 x 36,7 inch)
2) Size: 61 x 81 cm (24x31,9 inch)

All the test prints are signed.

If you'd like to see more images of the original print, click here.